Throwing away is environmentally harmful and often not the most economical option. That is why BNS Cosmos offers three ways to reuse a product in whole or in part and thus redeem the residual value of a product.


When a product reaches the end of its first term of use, it sometimes no longer meets the latest required product specifications. Then BNS can sell the product to a new owner via a remarketing  program. For example, to markets in which the product specifications are still sufficient.

Componenten- recycling

A defective product is rarely written off immediately. In fact, often the largest part is still fine to use. In component recycling, parts of the product are reused in other products.

Raw material recycling

In raw material recycling, products are dismantled to recover raw materials, such as metals and plastics, which are easy to recover. If products and components are sorted correctly – and BNS does – partners process these materials into raw materials that are used in new products.

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