Innovative return process

The sustainable and distinctive character of our product lifecycle management lies in our innovative return process. Products are received back on the original unique code (e.g. serial number). This can even take place several times during the product lifecycle.


This registration provides a series of (historical) data for each unique product, which provides a wealth of information at product or product group level. Think of the sustainability of a product (group) and the usage profile. Analysis of this information is direct input for customers in future strategic product choices.

Real-time insight

Via our software Cosmos Data Logistics, customers have real-time insight into the return flow, including return percentages. Reports provide information about the completeness of the return order and the condition of the products. On the basis of this, a final statement of account with the end users can be drawn up.

Repair & refurbishment

Unusable returned products shall be reported as such. Well-functioning and (partly) defective products go into the repair  &  refurbishment process for processing.

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