Circular economy & reduction of CO2 emissions

A longer use of hardware causes production of a new, replacement product to be postponed. This ensures a direct contribution to the circular economy and a reduction in CO2 emissions. For that reason, returned products are carefully checked for reusability by our experts. First of all, the data of the previous user is permanently deleted, after which a technical and cosmetic assessment takes place. This is done in the most economical order, as the failure rate for both reviews differs per product.


The technical assessment consists of a software and a hardware check. If necessary, the software is updated and we determine whether all hardware components are in good condition. After any necessary repairs, the products are technically ready for extended use.


In a cosmetic assessment, the outside of the product is checked for completeness, scratches and other damage. Sometimes polishing is sufficient, otherwise defective components will be replaced if economically justified. Where necessary, good parts of technically rejected products are used for this refurbishment  process.


In the meantime, our return and repair  policy has been optimized in such a way that we offer a high degree of efficiency. On the basis of barcodes, all steps in the process are carefully converted into data. This way we know exactly which products are new, which  refurbished  and what the history of a specific product with a unique serial number is.

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