Always a suitable solution

With more than 20 years of experience, our experts know how to optimally prepare and execute the process of inbound  logistics.  Before we put everything into operation, we first make an inventory of the exact needs and then plan and arrange the logistics process from A to Z.
With a global network of permanent contacts, we always know how to find a suitable solution.


With Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) we make it clear to customers which and how many products and/or components are needed for a correct supply.

Procurement solutions

We look for the best procurement solutions. Determining the right product specifications and finding a reliable supplier are priority number one. In consultation with the customer, we assess these suppliers on issues such as product quality, sustainability, social personnel policy and information security. Possibly by means of a supplier audit on site.


We are also happy to take care of the transport, including customs formalities and customs clearance. We strive for safe, efficient and sustainable import. In addition, we offer bonded  warehousing as an option, so import duties can be deferred and do not have to be paid immediately.

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