CardiAid sells and rents  AEDs in the Benelux and Germany with the aim of being able to help patients anywhere within six minutes. To achieve this, as many  AEDs as possible must be on location. In order to keep delivery times short, the  supply chain must be set up as efficiently as possible. BNS therefore provides both  warehousing and fulfilment activities for  CardiAid.

AEDs are vital and they should always work. That is why  CardiAid arranges maintenance and repair of AEDs for their customers.  The battery and electrodes of an AED must be replaced every two years. BNS also takes care of these service turns for  CardiAid. This also means that a shock simulation is carried out to see if everything is still working properly.

BNS Cosmos  does this for  AEDs  spread across the Benelux and Germany. AEDs  with, for example, Dutch or French audio instructions cannot simply be placed in Germany, which is why BNS changes the audio instructions on the  AEDs  if they go to locations in Germany.