The telephony, internet and energy supplier were looking for a party that could completely unburden them in the logistics of their internet products. BNS provides a total package of lifecycle  fulfilment services that, in addition to (return) logistics, also includes refurbishment  and recycling processes. In addition, BNS provides the modems to be delivered with the correct configuration and sends them out, with associated peripherals. This combination was the main reason for Message  To  The Moon to opt for the partner agreement with BNS.

Message To The Moon Director Hans Willem de Lint:

BNS works with Cosmos  Data Logistics: a total information system for the entire logistics process. This system provides detailed insight from the order of the goods to the delivery to the (end) user. Why should we settle for a standard tool like BNS has programmers in-house, who can develop exactly what we ask for? Thanks to the BNS ERP system  Cosmos  Data Logistics, we have real-time insight into all facets of our product deliveries”.

BNS about the agreement:

We provide our partners with online and real-time insight into stock, order status and track & trace  on deliveries. By linking them to our information system, you can manage in stock, delivery and return logistics in detail. Our partners are autonomous in this and create their own users to, for example, manage their products down to component level. In addition, we offer various automation options so that we can provide the delivered hardware with a possibility with which the partner can remotely adjust firmware and bring it up to  date. Our partners also know exactly where the modem is located and what has happened to it.

About Message To The Moon

As the largest independent entrepreneur in telecom, Message To The Moon supplies telephony, internet and energy to entrepreneurs and companies all over the world. And beyond. In addition to business telecommunications and ICT, Message  To The Moon also supplies the appropriate hardware. Message  To The Moon not only targets the moon, they also give something back to their own planet. For example, we apply the strict ISO 26000 and 27001 conditions when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship. This way you can be sure of green energy, environmentally friendly business operations and a supplier who attaches great importance to socially responsible business.