Greenet,provider of broadband internet for the outlying area in the Netherlands, recently started offering fiber optic services. For logistics, they were looking for a partner who provides a full lifecycle fulfilment services package. BNS turned out to be the most suitable party due to their expertise in recycling and  refurbishment services in return logistics. With the help of the in-house developed warehouse management system, BNS also makes it possible to gain insight into the location of delivered hardware.

Bart Heinink,  Greenet about their choice for logistics:

BNS offers us complete unburdening  in the field of logistics. A time-consuming process that is not part of our core activities. They know our market well and know which plug or cable belongs to which fiber optic product. In addition, they put together personalized packages where the hardware is already equipped with the right settings. It is very nice to have found a party that takes the entire logistics process off our hands. In this way, quality requirements are guaranteed so that we keep our promise of fast internet in the outlying areas.”

Patrick van Rosengarten, BNS:

We are very pleased that Greenet  expanded their logistics services at BNS,” says Patrick van  Rosengarten, account manager BNS. “We have been providing the organisation with warehouse solutions since 2017. In addition, the management of (return) logistics is now added. Through the collaboration with BNS, Greenet  opts for sustainable asset management. We take care of the refurbishment  and recycling of their products. By joining forces, we make fast internet available in the countryside.”

About Greenet

Greenet is a provider of broadband internet for the countryside in the Netherlands. Their offer is a fully-fledged alternative to an internet connection via fixed networks such as cable,  ADSL or fiber optics. Greenet  believes that broadband internet should be accessible to everyone, including people in rural areas. And that’s what they do their best for. Do not come through with difficult solutions, but with a simple technique that is already widely used abroad. To this end, they work together with existing and reliable providers. This way they do what they promise: deliver fast internet in the countryside!