Today Anco  Scholte ter Horst – Director  Freedom Internet and Jeroen van Kerkhof – Director BNS Data Logistics at the head office of BNS in Vianen signed the cooperation agreement for the assembly and (return) logistics of the  Freedom Internet installation packages for the consumer.

The youngest internet provider in the Netherlands opted for cooperation with BNS in the early stages of its establishment. BNS advises partners and assistsin hardwarechoices, inventory management and automation services.

In particular, a lot of attention is paid in the collaboration to making the return flow more sustainable. BNS is at the forefront of recycling processes. For example, they design the processes around the return flow in such a way that it can be reduced almost 100% to raw materials for reuse. At the request of partners, BNS adds sustainability & cost efficiency to their business processes by adding refurbishment processes.

Freedom  Internet is a demanding partner in the field of privacy and security. Thanks to solid and certified processes and a high customer focus, BNS can deal with these requirements excellently. We also put end-user satisfaction first and keep a close eye on what we can contribute to the direct and indirect costs in the life of a  product. I am therefore very proud of this collaboration,” says Jeroen van Kerkhof, director of BNS Data Logistics.  Anco  Scholte ter Horst, director of Freedom  Internet adds: “We chose BNS because of its professionalism and service orientation. We set specific requirements for privacy and security and BNS takes that well.”