At BNS we do everything we can to create the ultimate product lifecycle.

Our fulfillment service consists of several well-designed focus areas that allow you to focus on what really matters: your core business. In this way, we enable contemporary pioneers to become the heroes of tomorrow.

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Our vision

The sincere belief that data never lies. We see a product lifecycle as a complex and orderly system, just like the universe. Or, as we prefer to call it, the cosmos. With our sustainable and flexible way of working, we can maximize the life cycle of your technological product while minimizing its footprint.

As a result, we help our customers to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We do this by refurbishing old products but also by setting up the logistics chain as efficiently as possible so that no valuable raw materials are wasted.

And with the full focus of our experts, because it is in our DNA to observe, analyze and adapt. As a strategic fulfilment partner, total unburdening is our primary objective. Together we strive for the best results for your product lifecycle objectives. We believe that our unparalleled and data-driven execution of the product lifecycle creates the perfect harmony between  people, planet and profit.



Cosmos processed one millionth pallet


Installation of 2304 solar panels on the roof of our warehouse in Vianen.


The first package is sent from the new German warehouse in Neuss.


Refurbishment  services added to the fulfilment portfolio.


Opening of BNS Distribution UK in Wigan, the UK’s main distributor of the Grandstream brand.


Start of the fulfilment activities and implementation of the first version of our WMS system Cosmos.


Introduction of auto-provisioning services, enabling customers to remotely manage, monitor, upgrade and update new firmware.


The name changed to BNS Data Logistics, supplier of a wide range of connectivity solutions.


BNS starts as a distributor of Cisco accessories under the name Top Data cables & services.


When we say that we do everything we can to create the ultimate product lifecycle,  we really mean it. We are therefore proud of our ISO certification:
Our proof of information security.