Customers who want to order internet can now opt for ‘installation by mechanic’ at Freedom  Internet. For the mechanic service,  Freedom works together with BNS  Cosmos  and  Roamler  Tech. With the mechanic service,  Freedom can now also connect customers who have little to no technical knowledge or would like to be unburdened. They can choose at what time the mechanic should come. For the time being, only the  Founding  Members of  Freedom can order via

BNS Cosmos  and  Roamler Tech are both expert players with years of experience in the Dutch internet market. On behalf of  Freedom,  BNS  Cosmos sends  the ordered modems and/or TV receivers. Roamler Tech’s technicians    install the hardware. The one-time contribution that the customer pays for installation by the mechanic is € 25.- These costs are charged when ordering on the Freedom website.   If desired, the customer can buy additional cables or Wi-Fi amplifiers from the mechanic.

Freedom Internet now offers internet connections over DSL and fiber throughout the Netherlands. Customers can choose internet with or without TV. Installation can be done by means of a do-it-yourself package or by an experienced mechanic. The VoIP calling service will be ready in the very short term.  Freedom  advises customers who also want to order VoIP calls to wait with requests.

Freedom Internet is the youngest internet provider in the Netherlands. Since its establishment in November 2019, thousands of interested parties have registered as  Founding  Members. They will be the first to be given the opportunity to order their internet connection via The transition to  Freedom Internet is smooth; of the first 1,000 customers connected by  Freedom,  95% were offline for less than 1 hour during the switch.

Source: News item Freedom Internet of 2 July